This Hour Has 22 Minutes


This Hour Has 22 Minutes is one of Canada’s longest running and most respected television programs. Our goal with the campaign wasn’t just to locate and develop a larger audience, but to expand the digital relationship with the existing one.


Putting our focus on Facebook, we worked closely with the show’s producers to build a social media strategy that focused on encouraging content sharing - and the results were immediate. Within one season the show’s Facebook page doubled in size. Videos were routinely shared thousands of times and had play counts regularly reaching into the millions. Our work on the campaign was featured in Playback Magazine and



Baroness Von Sketch Show


After getting a sneak peek at some of their hilarious sketches, it was immediately apparent how well the Baroness von Sketch Show campaign could go if executed properly. Working closely with CBC, the cast, and producers Frantic Films, we built a unique tone for each social media account, and developed a content delivery strategy that drew fans into the show’s world.


By engaging with each social channel regularly, we succeeded in building communities where fans saw themselves reflected in the show’s sketches. The results were instant. The first post on the show’s Facebook (Locker Room Bday) went viral. From there, the show fostered a passionate fan-base that eagerly engaged with content and became active ambassadors of the brand.



Royal Bank


Royal Bank reached out to us to help them create a series of videos documenting their first ever RBCx intrapreneurship hackathon. Taking place over 10 weeks, the program featured two teams of employees collaborating to create innovative and problem solving products. At the end of each week, we delivered a new episode recapping their progress. We used touchstones that ranged from Casey Neistat to Gimlet's podcast StartUp to create a stylistically innovative series that focused on storytelling.



Kim's Convenience


An award-winning play makes it way from the New York City stage to the small screen. Our goal with Kim’s Convenience was to create compelling content with which to engage new fans and bridge the gap with existing fans of the celebrated play.


Working with Thunderbird FilmsCBC, and Soulpepper Theatre, we embedded ourselves on set during production on Season One. The results yielded rich behind the scenes video content including character profiles, episode introductions, and a mini-doc highlighting the history of Kim’s Convenience.



People's Champ


People’s Champ is a management firm that represents clients including Ryan Hemsworth, Matty Matheson, Tennyson, and BADBADNOTGOOD. We are currently working with them to develop their social media presence by developing strategic communications plans and building unique content based on their clients’ work.




Mr. D


In October of 2016, Topsail Entertainment reached out to us to help manage their social media campaign for the 6th Season of Mr. D. Already huge fans of the show, we went to work creating a variety of content to promote each episode.




Planet Coaster
Frontier Developments


Our involvement with Planet Coaster ran the gamut. Happily working with our friends at Frontier Developments, we were initially hired to shoot some content with legendary songwriter, Jim Guthrie. We visited his home studio to interview him about his creative process while composing music for the game. The footage was used in Frontier’s Development Diaries for the project 


A few months later, we began work doing publicity for the soundtrack, You, Me & Gravity: The Music of Planet Coaster. Reaching out to international press, we gained coverage showcasing the album’s exhilarating mix of whimsy and contemplation.




Make it Pop


Make It Pop launched to an instantly ravenous social following. Fan accounts quickly popped up for the primary characters that were used to ‘ship’ hypothetical romantic couples between these characters. Our goal has been not to insert a promotional voice into the mix, but to join the conversation. We relaxed the tone and delivered fun content that fans could share and repurpose into new content.


Through this approach we built an environment that encouraged creativity and developed a loyal fan-base.



Hot Package
Adult Swim


In its entirety, the second season of Hot Package was 50 minutes long. Fifty glorious minutes. The challenge for us was to build enough content out of that amount of material not only to promote the show’s broadcast, but to also keep fans engaged throughout the week. Featuring guests such as Fabio, Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray), Kenneth Anger, and Jan Terri, we built an endless supply of GIFs, quote photos, and clips that highlighted key moments from the show’s amazingly insane world.



B.A. Johnston
Gremlins 3


B.A. Johnston is Canada’s premiere failed song and dance man. We have worked on each of his records since 2009’s Stairway to Hamilton. When he brought up working together on Gremlins 3, we decided to approach things a little differently. We set-up a day for Canada’s favourite CHUD to visit Pigeon Row headquarters to shoot footage that would be turned into a series of GIFs featuring donairs, pilsners, and pizza. Then we headed out to film a video for his single “Drivethru Beef.”


With these assets banked, we began organizing content launches through the social media channels for B.A.-relevant brands such as King Of Donair and House of Targ. We also supplied each with GIFs to base their posts around. The results were an outstanding success that led to unprecedented press placement for B.A. including a feature in The Globe and Mail, a feature on CBC Radio’s q, and a track premiere on The Strombo Show.

And B.A. hated every step of the way.


TV Carnage



We started working with Derrick Beckles in early 2015. In the ‘90s he started a found footage series called TV Carnage that was a huge influence on everyone from Tim & Eric to Adult Swim. We scoured through his collection of compilations and built content that would develop his online presence and fuel his social media channels for the next year.




Elite Dangerous
Frontier Developments


Working on both the social media and publicity fronts, Elite Dangerous was an exciting project to be a part of. Pigeon Row showcased the game and Frontier Development’s Canadian office by organizing a press day that saw various outlets drop by to take a tour and play Elite. Coolest of all though, we got to put on an Oculus Rift and blow stuff up in virtual reality.